10 am

First registrations start! Come to the main tent to be assigned a spot, get your chalk, and review the rules. You will be given a number sticker and a volunteer will walk you to your square.

When your work is complete, please return to the registration tent to let the volunteers know your square number so we are sure to document it as completed. Please briefly tell us what your picture celebrates so we can share in your celebration!

Enjoy the artwork, but be sure to keep a distance. Walking over the art will harm the others works!

Visit the Caledonia Community Green space for more art experiences for Caledonia Kiwanis Kids Art Day! Walk Caledonia's trails or grab a bite to eat!

2 pm

The final participants will be handed the last of the chalk, or as long as quantities allow. Artists will have to be finished by 2:30 pm so formal documentation for submission to the Guinness World Record committee can take place! It is not required for participants to stay for this, but feel free to enjoy the completed work!

When will we know if we have the title?!

All information, including participants names, pictures of each artwork, and all proper documentation must be submitted to Guinness World Records for approval. They will tediously review all the documents and return a verdict on if we succeeded in our goal! Please follow this website for up-to-date information!