Mind the time

No drawings can take place before or after the times stated. All times must be properly documented.

Keep it PG

Drawings must be appropriate. No drinking, drugs, or sex may be depicted. Political messages will be removed as well. This is a family friendly event, meant to bring people together. If you are unsure, please check with a volunteer.

Use the chalk provided

We have to verify all chalk used is commercially produced. If you have brought your own, please check with the registration table to have it properly documented. There will be a variety of colors available.

Watch your step

Please do not walk over others art work! Feet prints can not only ruin their design, but it can disqualify a drawing toward our goal.

Stick to the theme

Only drawings that pay homage to a celebratory event will be counted toward the goal. This is at the discretion of the Guinness World Record committee once we submit pictures of the artwork.

Fill the square

Well, fill it as completely as you can. You don't need to color every inch, but make your drawing big to fill as much of your space as you can.