What should I expect?

Fun! And lots of it! Not only can you come for the chalk, but be sure to visit the artists in the Caledonia Community Green celebrating Kids' Art Day!

What about Covid?

Please be sure to follow all state and local laws regarding masks, social distancing, and other mandates.

How will this work?

After you register with at the tent, each participant or group of participants will be assigned one of the squares. You will receive a sticker with your number, as well as a bucket of chalk. From there, you will be directed to your space to draw! When you have completed your artwork, please check-out with the registration tent. There you will be asked your square number and what you designed. That's all!

Can just my kids participate?

Each square does need at least one adult/teen participant. Kids may not be left unattended. Drawings must be clear and depict a celebratory event or along the celebration theme.

How long to I have to draw?

You have from the time you start until 2 pm. Official counting and documenting begins at 2.

What about that four letter word?

Rain? Let's hope not! But if we do have rain the day of the event and need to cancel, we will reschedule! Please 'Like' the Caledonia Kiwanis Club Facebook page to stay updated and RSVP to this event via Facebook to keep up to date!

Why can't I use my own chalk?

One of the requirements from Guinness World Records is that all chalk is commercially produced. We have to prove all the chalk used wasn't actually crayon, paint, or anything besides chalk.

Will we know the results the day of the event?

Sorry, we won't know until all the documentation is reviewed by Guinness World Records. This website will keep you posted!

Are we allowed to bring our whole daycare?

Yes, as long as you have enough adults and teens for one to participate with each square. Kids must be monitored directly at all time. Please also be sure they draw a picture that follows the theme so we can avoid disqualification.

Still have questions? Email us! We will do our best to get back with you as soon as possible.


*This event is entirely volunteer run and free to all participants. Please have patience with our response times!